Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol: We Were Disappointed!

David Cook was good but David Archuleta was our favorite.

Now on to what we've been doing. Mostly we've been doing a lot of eating, sitting around, eating, being disappointed at the American Idol results, eating, reading blogs and did I mention eating? Yesterday I took Mama to town. We went to the bank and to Mega Mart. We also ventured to the pharmacy, ate lunch at KFC and went to Super+. Then we went and picked Nathan up from school early. He was a filthy little boy so when we got home I scrubbed his white P.E. shirt and his socks.

Nathan doesn't get far from his DeeDee's side. Only DeeDee needs a throw over her legs in this hot tropical island.
Uncle Howie sent Nathan the coolest marshmallow shooter. It is made of PVC pipe and it shoots mini-marshmallows with precision. Nathan has had to practice because he can't quite blow hard enough to make the marshmallows go very far. Let me assure you he is getting better and thinks it's funny when he hits his granddaddy in the bottom. He really prefers DeeDee to shoot at him and he tries to dodge them. She nails him every time but he doesn't mind because he pops the marshmallow in his mouth. Hmmm, you know the sugar high gets on my nerves.

Granddaddy washed the dishes for us because he wasn't interested in watching American Idol.

He perfectly lines the dishes up on the towels. Just as he perfectly cubes potatoes and rutabagas when he cuts them up.

DeeDee has peeled a bushel of mangoes. Nathan enjoys gnawing the seeds like his Granddaddy and Daddy. DeeDee and I don't like to get the strings stuck in our teeth.

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