Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Last Sunday we were invited to Flagaman Assembly of God. Flagaman is on the south coast of the island and it took us about two and a half hours to get there. We left before eight o'clock because we wanted to leave enough time to meet the pastor at ten thirty. Especially since we didn't know where we were going. Our directions were like this: After you go through Black River, you will come to a round about. At the round about take the left and go until the third right and I (the pastor) will meet you at the post office in a small town called Barbary Hall. Todd had been to this area before but still wasn't positive exactly how to get to Black River. Even with the map we took a wrong turn. There are few signs and when there are signs and they indicate which way to turn there may or may not be a road. But, after we made it to Black River and took the left turn at the round about and were looking for the third right turn I asked Todd, "Can you imagine my mama doing this in southern Chile with a blind husband and two small children?" She went up another notch in my book that day. Anyway, we found the right turn and even found Barbary Hall but we couldn't find the post office. We finally stopped a lady and asked her where the post office was. She told us that we had passed it. She said, "When you go back it will be on your right after the Salvation Army." We thanked her and turned around. I told Todd, "I didn't see a Salvation Army." He said, "I didn't either." So, on the way back we looked a little harder and sure enough we passed the Salvation Army and a little ways further we found the post office. I told Todd we could have found it if they would have told us to look for an outhouse with a post office sign on it!
Barbary Hall Postal Agency

The pastor was there waiting for us and lead us up the mountain to Flagaman. The church was really nice to be located in the middle of nowhere. The people were very sweet and kind and they were very appreciative that we came to visit.

I sang.

Todd preached.

I don't have a picture of Nathan being a good boy.

Here is a sample of their Jamaican praise and worship. I tried to discreetly tape this during the offering. The leader is the pastor of the church and the little boy playing the drums is his ten year old son that taught himself to play. I thought he did pretty good for never having a lesson.

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Nathan's Uncle said...

That looks like the old Sydney post office.

I wanna see a pic of my Bubby being good.

Uncle Howie