Friday, May 30, 2008

Gotta Love Those Sony Products!

Nathan had a football match on Wednesday. It was a busy day with my brother arriving to surprise both my parents and Nathan. Nathan and Uncle Howie share a special bond since he is the only nephew and grandchild on my side of the family. It turned out to be a great day!

The football match was much like the the last one. It was a lot of boys running around the field chasing a blue ball. They looked cute in their very yellow uniforms. Maybe the next team we play won't have yellow uniforms, too.

Both teams lined up before the game to shake hands and for the coin toss I suppose. The ref was very helpful and compassionate. When one of the players got hurt he would stop play to make sure they were okay. He would also stop play to bend over an tie a shoe.

Nathan talking to Coach.

Ball in play.

Wata break.

Too busy to visit with mom.

We didn't win, but the score was only 2-0, so they did a lot better than last time. I was very proud of him and how hard he tried. Nathan was thrilled to have his DeeDee there to see him play. I would have had more pictures but I had a lapse in memory. I remembered to charge the camera battery before I left, but when I got to the game I realized that I didn't remember to put the battery back in the camera. But, Sony products being what they are, Todd told me to take the memory card out of the digital camera and he put it in the video camera he was using and was able to take some stills for me. Needless to say, I am a big Sony fan. In case you were wondering...I love my Sony VAIO laptop too.


DeeDah said...

Kelsey & Emily love their Sony laptops too! Glad you all got to enjoy his game together. Tomorrow is Em's championship soccer tournament and Taylor's (Glenn's daughter) also. So, I've got a long morning of sports-filled fun. Oh, and then we're going to get snorkeling gear for Key West. Sweet Jesus, I have to wear a mask. PRAY for my claustrophobia! I'd rather sit in the boat reading and looking cute. Yep, that's more my speed.

Nathansma said...

Forget claustophobia, just get some lobsters to put in the freezer for when you cousins come home from Jamaica!