Monday, June 2, 2008

A Pre-Birthday Birthday Party

We have had such a good time with my family here. When they come to visit, it seems like time flies. My brother came in last Wednesday and left yesterday morning. My parents have been here since May 19th and leave Friday. Since Nathan is the center of their universe and they won't be here on his birthday next month, we decided to give him an early birthday party on Thursday. They brought him presents both for the party and for us to give him in July.
That morning as I was driving Nathan to school I asked him what he wanted for his birthday supper. The menu he chose was grilled pork chops, garlic mashed potatoes, salad with the special dressing his DeeDee makes and no vegetable. I told him the adults would want a vegetable but that since it was his party he didn't have to eat any. He also said that he wanted a store bought birthday cake. I did convince him to have brownies with ice cream and whipped topping and that we would get him a cake in July to take to school with his classmates. He agreed to that.
He chose the number "7" candle instead of seven individual candles to blow out. That surprised me. He thought he wanted to light it with the lighter but then decided against it, afraid he might burn his thumb.

You know this was fun!

Grandaddy, Bubby and DeeDee.
I was surprised that we made it through supper without him asking where his presents were. I hid them in the cabinet because I knew that if they were out we wouldn't be able to eat supper first. He was a good sport through dinner but when the last bite was taken he wanted to know where his presents were and went to hunting. It didn't take long before he found them.

Grammy and Pappy, who are coming to visit soon, sent him some race cars.

Another Pokemon Nintendo DS game.

The Waterhorse.

He saved the big one for last.

"It's just what I wanted."
The beloved Wii.
You know kids say the funniest things that make no sense to us but to them as kids, make perfect sense. When he laid on the box he said, "Can I take a nap with you?" That was his way of expressing his excitement.

He was very grateful and took time to go around the table thanking everyone. Even Mom.

Boxing with Dad.

Bowling with DeeDee.

We have had an exciting few days. Stay tuned because I have several posts coming up. Saturday we took a day trip to YS Falls. I have lots of pictures and a few video clips to show you but it takes a while to upload them.


April said...

I want to see DeeDee bowl!

DeeDah said...

I know Nathan is happy, but I imagine Todd is ecstatic! I remember his intensegolfing with Emily. Glad to know Bubby will be a Wii pro when he comes home and can challenge Kel and Em!

Nathansma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nathansma said...

Let me tell you DeeDee is the bowling champ! She has beat us all with a 198,199 & 201!

And for both of you nosy girls the deleted comment was mine. One of the scores posted wrong and I wanted it to be right.

Nathan's Uncle said...

It was great to spend a few days with my whole family together again, although I think it meant the most to DeeDee. My nephew is the sweetest boy. Getting to spend some time with him was something I desperately needed. He was not selfish with his sugar, and he said several sweet things to me that made the expense of the trip all worthwhile. That boy is truly the center of my universe.

Love, Uncle Howie

DeeDah said...

Thank you for clarifying the deleted comment. You know that drives me crazy! Glenn beats all of us at bowling - his first game he bowled a 220. Tell DeeDee the best part of the virtual bowling is that you don't have to wear the hideous bowling shoes - yuck!