Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Culturama is one of the largest fundraisers at Nathan's school. Each class chooses a country and represents that country in a friendly competition. They decorate their classrooms with items from their countries, learn the national anthem, present a drama and make typical food.

Nathan's grade one chose Australia. Parents were asked to help out as well so we chose to make some flags. I printed a flag from the internet and Todd traced them onto the painters cloth he had cut. Then we all got to color them.

Making the template.

Bubby coloring a flag.

Each class watched the others perform while the judges went to each classroom to see how they were decorated and to taste the food they had prepared. The older grades went first, so the younger classes sat and watched them perform their dramas.

Nathan sitting with his class.

K-3 class chose St. Lucia to represent. They stole the show. Their costumes were so cute and they danced and sang their hearts out.

Part of their drama included body guards to the royal family. You can see them on the left side of the above picture with their black suits and dark sunglasses. Too cute!
A shish-ka-bob and sauce from Saudi Arabia.
Nathan has always hated wearing costumes and acting. He didn't mind wearing Khaki shorts and shirt for Australia but he was really glad that he didn't have to wear a skirt like the boys in grade 3 did! Their class chose Scotland.

They did a mock battle scene that was too funny. The narrator said something about the victor's cutting off the enemy's head and when they fell to the ground a doll head rolled out.

The victor proudly held up the doll head representing the enemy's head. Everyone cracked up!

Nathan's classroom decorated.

Boomerangs and flags.

Kid's menus from Outback Steakhouse in Plant City, FL.

I would like to thank Outback Steakhouse in Plant City, Florida who donated the boomerangs and the menus for the kids. The menus have lots of activities in them for the kids to complete.

Nathan played James Cook.

Rowing the boat.

Defeating the aborigines.

Here is a short clip of Nathan's class singing the national anthem of Australia.

Just as we predicted the judges chose K-3 and St. Lucia as the winners. Second place went to grade 2 representing Norway and grade 5adv. & grade six representing Brazil took third place.


April said...

yeah but you have to admit the K-3 are too cute!

Nathan's Uncle said...

Take it from someone who was there. K-3 was adorable. Of course the star of the show was my nephew, in my unbiased opinion, but Scotland overall did the best job with their dancing and battle scene and those brave boys wearing kilts!

Uncle Howie