Friday, June 6, 2008


I have such a love-hate relationship with them. Airports are known for two things: hellos and goodbyes. When I get to say hello, I love them. But, when I have to say goodbye, like today, I hate them. I utterly despise them.

After, three wonderful weeks, we have to take Mama and Daddy to the airport this morning and say goodbye. It has been great having them here. They are so easy to have. Mama works herself to death. She would have gotten up early this morning and washed and changed all the sheets, but I begged her not to so that I would have something to do when I get home today. The truth is, I like walking in their room and it smelling like them after they are gone. I don't know how many times I have had to tell her to sit down and rest that Nathan will be home soon and will want to play. Daddy has enjoyed listening to Jamaican radio programs. He even found and listened to one announcer that was blind. He enjoyed the DJ telling about the technology he uses to make it possible for him to do his job.

Last night they wanted to celebrate my birthday since they won't be here next Saturday for it. I told them I didn't feel much like celebrating, knowing what this morning holds. But, we had a nice meal anyway and as always Daddy prayed a sweet prayer over me. They always have a way with words that make me feel like I am the best daughter in the whole world. I only wish I were.

Nathan has been recovering from a high fever he had last weekend and has been coughing a lot. When he got home from school yesterday he went to sleep about 5:00. We tried and tried to wake him but he slept all night. He has elected to go ahead and go to school and not go to the airport this time. He hates saying goodbye, too. A few seconds ago he came up to me and said, "I'm sad." It's one thing for me to be sad about them leaving but it's another thing for him to be sad. I can't hardly take it when he cries about saying goodbye.

Lord Jesus, please give my mama and daddy a safe flight home. Put the right people in their path to help them when they need it. Help Aunt MaryLou and Uncle Olan to be there on time to pick them up and help them not to feel too guilty tonight when they are eating supper at Carrabbas or Market Restaurant. I will be here tracking the flight on and will thank You when they land safely. If you read this before noon today, say a prayer for them, too.

All said...I will be sad. But you can bet that I will be counting the days to when I will get to say hello again.


DeeDah said...

Thank you for making me cry! It hurts my heart so bad for you & them. Know that you are missed and loved, and I can't wait to see you again in August. Oh, today is the 6th day of our birthday month - yay!!

Kathy Collard Miller said...

OH, Lord Jesus, give these precious parents a safe trip home. May their sweet aroma of love and encouragement linger long in this home. Comfort and strengthen them all. I pray in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Nathan's Uncle said...

How sweet of Kathy Collar Miller to say a prayer for my family! There is really nothing I can add to this post other than to say, "ditto." I know the feelings all too well. What a day it will be when we never have to say goodbye again!

Uncle Howie

Nathansma said...

I just received a call from Daddy. They landed safely. Thanks everyone for your prayers!

April said...

I hate u