Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jamaica's Doctor Bird

I am not a bird watcher unless I get a chance to watch the Doctor Bird. He has the longest tail I have ever seen on a hummingbird. His tail is longer than his body. These pictures were taken when we went to YS falls a few weeks ago. But, we often get to see them from our patio flitting from one flower to another.

The Doctor Bird is the national bird of Jamaica. The tail feathers of the male bird usually measure six to seven inches long. They feed on the nectar of flowers. The following ten second video was also taken at YS falls. They had hummingbird feeders hanging along their porches. At the end of the video you can really see how incredible the tail feathers are.

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Nathan's Uncle said...

I was totally "metamerized" with the doctor bird, of course hummingbirds have always intrigued me. I'm glad my sister got some good pictures and video, because I was too slow!

Uncle Howie