Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome In-Laws!

Grammy, Pappy, Uncle Tripp, and JACOB arrived yesterday. Jacob is Bubby's cousin and he loves to play with him more than anything. Jacob was a surprise for Bubby. He knew the rest were coming but he had no idea they were bringing his cousin.

We asked Bubby if Jacob was a good birthday present and he answered, "The best!" Maybe now I don't have to get him that Kung Fu Panda Wii game he's been begging for.

Our car started over heating and we had to put it in the shop. It was not a good time for it to need to be in the shop, but we are thankful to have access to another car to drive. It has taken everybody a while to get use to driving on the left side of the road. I caught Pappy with his hand over his eyes. He finally started riding in the back and made Uncle Tripp ride up front.

Bubby and Jacob playing Nintendos at Island Grill.

Ordering at Island Grill.

Eating at Island Grill.

Strolling through Mega Mart playing their Nintendos.

Today we got Bubby out of school early and went to Doctor's Cave beach. The boys and Uncle Tripp had a good time swimming and snorkeling. But, the best thing we did today was get haircuts. Uncle Tripp gave Bubby and me a haircut. It's a wonderful thing. We are having to stay local until our car gets out of the shop. Tomorrow we are going to Margaritaville. We have plans of going to Dunn's River Falls, YS Falls and Negril.


Nathan's Uncle said...

I want to hear Uncle Tripp's comments about the MoBay drivers and traffic.

Uncle Howie

April said...

eat some conch fritters for me a "VILLE"

DeeDah said...

Tell Tripp I definitely need my eyebrows done before the wedding! We've forgotten the last few times, so he's gonna have to squeeze me in. And be happy doing it. Hope you guys have fun! We moved yesterday. My house is up for sale. I'm exhausted, but going shopping today. I have managed to summon the energy to do that! Love you! Oh, and yes, you would have been included in the 37. I can promise you that!