Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm A Cliff Diver!

Well... okay maybe not a cliff diver but definitely a jumper and I have pictures to prove it.

We took Todd's family to Negril. While we were there we took them to see the cliff divers and eat supper at Rick's Cafe. That night we watched the divers and Todd took the boys to jump while we paid the dinner bill. We returned the next day for more fun. Jacob and Tripp were thrilled and ready to go but Bubby and I were leery. Todd was indifferent. Grammy and Pappy simply watched and took pictures and videos.

I must confess I didn't actually jump from a cliff but I did jump from two of the platforms. We had a good time.

Here is a view of the platforms from the very top. The lower level by the ladder in the water is only about 2 feet high. The next level is about 8 feet and then the highest one was about 11 feet high. Those are Todd's measurements. I think they were higher. I know they seemed higher when you are looking down at the water.
First jump!

Bubby kept telling me that if I would do it, he would do it, but he never did. I think the huge belly flop he did last time pretty much convinced him he didn't want to jump from too high. We all tried to convince him, but I was really okay with him not jumping. I don't want him to become a daredevil. I figure that will be fewer trips to the hospital for stitches or casts.

Sinuses completely cleaned out!

Higher level!

No turning back now!

It really helped to scream.

It was hard to time my breathing. I would exhale as soon as I jumped and by the time I hit the water I had no more air to exhale so lots of salt water flooded my nasal passages. It was a wonderful cleansing!

Here's the proof:


April said...

HA! I love it, I would have jumped with you! (well, after I have this babyLOL)

Nathan's Uncle said...

It's okay, Bubby! Uncle Howie would not jump off the cliff either . . . .

So Sister, where did you gather all that courage? And when did you decide to be sociable in the water activities?

Uncle Howie

Kathy Collard Miller said...

Carla, I'm so proud of you. I once sky dived but I most likely couldn't have jumped with you. Somehow that's scarier to me. So congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having a blast. I hope I get to jump with you soon-or at least I think I could do it! Who knows, maybe I'll just hang out in the cafe.
Either way-just wish I was there!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya!

Di said...

I was at Rick's in April on vacation in Negril. You are braver than I!!!!