Tuesday, July 22, 2008


While my in-laws were here we hit most of the tourist attractions. Margaritaville was of course the biggest tourist trap we visited. While there are three locations on the Island, we went to the one here in Montego Bay.
Although, we ate lunch there we really went for the boys to swim. That would be the big boys as well as the little boys.

Margaritaville is really a party place, especially when we have a cruise ship in port. It is virtually impossible to get in on those days and if you manage to get in you won't be able to hear yourself think much less try to talk to the person next to you. They play the music so loud and the DJ really tries to get people going. Thankfully we were able to go when we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

We ate lunch first and so the boys had to wait to get in the water until we were done. They got a little impatient but I think the wait was worth it for them.

Margaritaville's biggest attraction is their large, extremely fast water slide. Grammy and Tripp went up to check it out and to take some pictures.
Like most tourist traps, the food was over priced. My cousin April told me that the conch fritters are really good at the Margaritaville in Key West. So, we tried them here.

She was right! They were really good and were priced at about US$8.00. They were really crispy and the sauce that comes with it has a little spicy kick to it.

Then the real reason we went. They have a slippery floating platform and two water trampolines that have a tube connecting them. Few people succeed at crossing the yellow tube with out taking a dive.

Bubby taking a rest on one of the tubes.

Jacob shooting out of the water slide into the sea.

Brothers take a rest.

Bubby diving off of the slippery platform.

Daddy and Uncle Tripp slinging Bubby off the slippery platform.

Sumo wrestler wanna-bes.

Todd doing a back flip.

Tripp standing on his head. Really it's a back flip.

We had a nice time. All the boys had fun swimming and being silly. Grammy, Pappy and I had a good time watching and taking pictures. Next time we may eat at home before we go though.

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