Friday, July 4, 2008

Awards Days!

My boy has won the most awards this week for the school year. True to Jamaican form we have had two awards ceremonies that have been quite the productions. The first one was on Wednesday morning and the other one was Thursday night at the sixth grade graduation ceremony. Here are a list of all the awards Bubby won:

  • Character Award for being Respectful
  • "Leaders are Readers"
  • Dress Code Award
  • Bible Memorization
  • 7000 Club Member
  • "A" Honor Roll
  • Award for being Punctual
  • "A" Honor Roll Award for all three school terms
  • Most Improved in Grade 1

Hood family looking on at MBCA.

Bubby cheering on a classmate.

Carefully reading his first award.

Showing off his first award for being respectful.

Receiving "Leaders are Readers" Award.

Dress Code award.

This picture is for Uncle Howie. These two sixth grade girls read through the whole ceremony. They only put there books down when there name was called to receive an award. At the graduation ceremony, when Mr. Winkler called their names he announced that they always have a book in their hand.

Outstanding achievement in Bible Memorization.

7000 Club Member - for obtaining a perfect score of 100% on 70 tests/quizzes.

"A" Honor Roll for term 3.

Award for being punctual.

Honor Roll award for being on HR all three terms.

Most Improved in Grade 1.

Bubby received the most improved for grade one, because he had to catch up in Spanish and cursive writing. His classmates started those subjects in K-3, K-4, K-5, and he didn't. But, he worked hard and caught up to them.I am so proud of my son. I hope his hard work and good grades continue through out his school career. He was rewarded this morning with a new Ben 10 Wii game. He and Jacob are having a blast playing it. They have unlocked I don't know how many new aliens. Way to go Bubby!


Nathan's Uncle said...

Bubby, I am so proud of you! You are one amazing young man, and you are my favorite nephew, too. Don't forget who I love the most . . . .

Uncle Howie

Nathan's Uncle said...

Thanks for posting the pic of the sixth grade girls reading, Sister! I think that is awesome. Now if we can just get my nephew to put down the video games long enough to pick up a book . . . .

Uncle Howie

Anonymous said...

I can't say that Bubby gets his good looks or his red hair from me, but his scholastic achievements might show that he has inherited something from his Grandaddy. If he learns to like to read, that will indicate another inherited trait from Grandaddy.


dhawk03 said...

Excellent blog. I love the picture of the girls reading. I read a lot and would love to send you books for the community that you are trying to help or just to pass on to the girls who love to read at Bubby's school. Let me know

Nathansma said...

Thanks for the compliment and the comment dhawk. I will email you soon and correspond with you.