Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bubby!

Today is my boy's seventh birthday. It is so hard for me to believe that he has been with us seven years already. It seems like just yesterday I was changing his diaper trying to keep his tapping feet still. My world revolves around him and I cannot express the joy he has brought into my life. He is a wonderful child. He is finally easy to take care of and makes me laugh on a regular basis. It is wonderful being the mother of a Power Ranger. I regularly have to dodge his powerful blows and ofter chase him around showing him my Power Ranger moves. Occasionally, he begs me to show him one of my moves.

I was in Fort Lauderdale this week for a couple of R&R days and when I talked to him on the phone he told me that a swing at school fell on him. I was immediately alarmed and asked him, "Bubby, did you get hurt?" He said, "No ma'am, I just did a Power Ranger move and saved myself!" I have laughed at that for days now and when I got home he demonstrated how he did it. I must say it was impressive.

Since we have had so many pre-birthday parties with our family members that have visited in the past couple of months, we won't have another one today. We have a few gifts for him and we will either take him swimming or possibly to see Space Chimps if it is playing here. You can bet though, the day will be all about him. Oh, I forgot, everyday is about him!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Man!

(The above picture was taken on our last snorkeling trip to Negril when Bubby found the huge sand dollar. He was not pleased with me when I forgot it in the sink of the hotel room.)


Nathan's Uncle said...

What a cute picture of my seven-year old Power Ranger! I can't believe Mommy left that amazing sand dollar at the hotel. Bad mommy!

Happy Birthday, Bubby!

Love, Uncle Howie

Todd said...

That's Ok mom, we will find another one just as grand. Happy Birthday to Daddy's sweet man! I love you Bubby. I had a great time at the pool with you today, except for when you kept pushing daddy's head under.:)I can hardly believe you are already seven.

Happy Birthday Man! Love Dad

Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe it has been seven years since I was the first one to hold that new baby boy after the nurse had dressed him in the hospital. But when I think of all the joy he has brought us, I wonder how we crammed so much into just seven years. Happy birthday again Bubby. Dee Dee and I called him and sang happy birthday to him on Friday morning.

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Carla and Bubby on next Thursday. We are stocking up on things they like. Dee Dee will have a great time this week cleaning and cooking in anticipation of that great day. Yes Bubby, she is still a good cooker.

I am looking forward to many more happy birthdays and happy visits together with you.

Love Grandaddy