Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wii Love It!

Wii knew wii would but, it is better than wii thought it would be. The only problem wii have is wii don't have any additional games yet. Wii do have some missions teams coming and Todd's parents and brother are coming and could bring us a game or two. So maybe you could help us out. I know that there are a lot of you "blurkers" out there. That is, those of you who stop by and read the posts but never leave me a comment. I know, I'm a blurker too on some blogs and that's okay, but wii really need some advice here. If you would be so kind as to leave a comment about what Wii games your children like to play, or what Wii games you or your spouse like(s) to play for that matter, it would really help us. Any other advice like who has the best prices, games that are not worth the money, or if there are combo packs, etc., would be appreciated too. Also if you have had no contact with a Wii, you could tell me that too.

Nathan boxing.

Todd was really excited to play the golf but Nathan begged to play the boxing. Since it was his present Todd consented to box with him. Before Todd got the hang of it, his comment was, "This doesn't do anything for me." By the look on his face it started to do something for him.

And here's the queen bowler!

Another strike!

As I left in the comment section of my last post Nathan's grandmother, DeeDee, has beat us all. She has the high score of 201! Nathan usually wins all the other games but DeeDee is the best bowler. Nathan has made Miis for all of us. Even his blind grandaddy. We thought Grandaddy might be able to fish but the "bite" wasn't quite strong enough for him. He is content being one of the baseball players and enjoys Nathan letting him know when his Mii gets a homerun or catches a fly ball for an out.

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Crystal said...

OK, I was a little behind in reading your posts. Please don't apologize for not editing the singing post. I miss hearing you sing. Even when you were still here I miss you singing since Tony and I were mostly in Children's Church. We are having to really work hard to keep Logan off the Wii. He truly has some addictive characteristics when it comes to that game. Currently he and Tony are really enjoying LEGOS Star Wars and today they picked up the LEGOS Indiana Jones that they had preordered. Logan sampled it in the store and didn't want to leave even though we were taking one home.

Nathan's Uncle said...

I guess Uncle Howie is the only one who is video game Wii-tarded. When I was 21 I loved Pac-Man and Galaga and Centipede, but now I just don't get it. I helped buy the Wii for Nathan, but I left without playing with him a single time. I know, bad uncle! I just prefer when Bubby reads to me or when we go to the movies or chase waterfalls.

Nathansma said...

Thank you Crystal for telling me about Logan and Tony's favorite games.

Uncle Howie that was a good one "Wii-tarded."

DeeDah, where is your comment? You always have something to say and I know Kel and Em have a favorite game.

DeeDah said...

Shoot, you busted me. Emily loves Super Paper Mario and Kelsey loves Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. I can't play either one, but then again I can't bowl, play tennis or baseball either. I just want to read, which I can't do these days because my sweetheart occupies all my free time. But, I'm NOT complaining. Oh, Em also just got a new Wild Earth Safari game where you search for animals, take pictures of them and make news articles. Nathan would hate it. :)