Thursday, June 12, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours

This is what I woke up to this morning...
We live on the third floor of our apartment complex. Our landlord has the one above us. I couldn't understand why water was leaking into our apartment in about five different places. Apparently our landlord left the water running and it leaked through the cracks in the concrete. When Todd woke up before six this morning he found the swimming pool in our spare living room and ran up and turned the main valve off. So, when I got up about 6:30 he was mopping.

After talking to our landlord we found out that it was a broken water pipe in the walls. He had his handyman install some kind of filter. Something didn't install properly.

I am very thankful that none of the leaks were over any of our furniture, rugs or electronics. We have been without a home phone which carries our internet connection for three days now. We have come to the Montego Bay Yacht Club for lunch everyday to check our emails. There have been two phone crews working on the lines. Hopefully they will get it fixed today. As we were watching the news this morning the cable went out. I just shook my head knowing it was too early to call Mrs. Green. Thankfully it came back on before long. I am most thankful that we have power or at least we did when I came to the YC for to post this. It is extremely hot here.


Todd said...

Just what you needed... another juicy story. lol.

April said...

just gets better & better.HA