Monday, May 19, 2008

Dottie Rambo in Anchovy, Jamaica?

In honor of Dottie Rambo's "Home-Going" celebration today, I thought I would do a special post. She was tragically killed in a bus accident last Sunday and today her family, friends and fans are celebrating her life in Nashville, TN.

All week I have had Sheltered in the Arms of God stuck on my brain. It's kind of like when you are at Disney World and you make the huge mistake of taking the boat ride through Small World and then It's a Small World runs through your mind the rest of the day. I hate when that happens. It ruins the rest of my day at Disney. Anyway, Sunday morning I found the lyrics online but I couldn't find the guitar chords. But, being the research specialist that I have become, I went to YouTube and watched the video of Dottie singing and playing it and on the close ups I was able to see enough chords to pick out the key. My intention was to sing it with Mama and Daddy next Sunday but Todd heard me practicing and asked me to go ahead and sing it yesterday since it went along with his sermon. I don't profess to be in the same category as Dottie but I do come from a family of singers, starting with my mama and daddy. Both my brother Howard, and my cousin April can sing the paint off of the wall. I have also had the privilege of singing for several years with Tonya Mayo, sister to gospel recording artist Kim Boyce, and Shellie Massie, who can belt with the best of them.

Service yesterday started as usual at 11:00 a.m., with the three of us and one other lady, Jackie, and her six month old baby, Crystal. Jackie and Crystal have come the last two Sundays. Crystal is a twin and was born premature. Her brother died at birth. Around 11:30 a few others started trickling in and then around 11:45 everybody that was coming arrived. After telling about Dottie Rambo, I sang for the offering and while I was singing I heard another voice join me on the chorus. As I began to look around I realized it was Jackie. I know Jamaica isn't that far from America, but as I was singing, I couldn't help but picture Dottie Rambo penning that song never dreaming that it would reach all over the world especially to such a small, poor community in Anchovy, Jamaica. But, it did. It arrived here long before I did. With the hard life that many of the Jamaicans have, they take comfort knowing that they are sheltered in God's arms. And, today, those that are gathered in Nashville, TN. can also take comfort knowing that Dottie Rambo is literally sheltered in the arms of her God.

I apologize for the length of the video but I haven't learned how to edit them yet.

As I write this, my mama and daddy are on Air Jamaica, Flight 80. They are on their way to see us and we are so excited. I am confident that they too, are sheltered in His arms. However, in just about an hour and a half they will be sheltered in my arms and I can't wait.


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April said...

Thank you for making me cry so early in the morning. Just beautiful, it is. My fav so far.

Nathan's Uncle said...

When I read this post this morning it gave me chills. And when I read it again this evening I felt the Holy Ghost. What a beautiful piece of writing! Then I watched the video, and I saw my sister in a different light, and I understand better why she has to be in Jamaica right now . . . for all the "Jackies" in Jamaica.

Carla, I never knew you loved Dottie Rambo almost as much as I do. But I guess since you were four when I got my first Singing Rambos album entitled This is My Valley (which by the way contained the single "Sheltered in the Arms of God" which by the way won Song of the Year), you did grow up held hostage by my record player and had no choice but to love her. Dottie's legacy will be never-ending. Her songs will never die, and people will always be touched by the anointing when they hear them over and over again, just like they did in Anchovy last Sunday. Sister, Dottie would be proud of you, no wait, I know she is!

Love, Uncle Howie

Todd said...

Yah Mon. Me wife beautiful, don't she. That's redneck Patois for: Isn't my wife beautiful. She can sing too!