Tuesday, May 20, 2008

They're Here!

We arrived at Sangster International Airport a few minutes before arrival time. Todd dropped Nathan and me off and he took the car to the car park. That's the parking lot here.

Nathan sat down and played his Nintendo DS while waiting for his DeeDee and Grandaddy to come out of customs.

"What, mama!?"

Bubby was glad to see his DeeDee.

Todd and Daddy share a hug.

Group shot.

Three happy people.

Nathan helping his daddy load the loot.

DeeDee strapping in until she can get use to riding on the left side of the road.

We have sat around most of the day. Mama and Daddy brought four suitcases and most of it was stuff for us. I sent mama a list and she brought everything we asked for and everything she thought we needed or wanted. It is wonderful having them here. Nathan is off school Thursday and Friday for his mid-term break so I think Thursday we will go to the Ultimate Jerk Centre and Friday we will probably take him to the Yacht Club to swim.


Nathan's Uncle said...

Who's missing? Oh wait, that would be me. Did I mention that I was missing my boy?

Uncle Howie

Nathansma said...

Well...what are you waiting for? Your nephew has Culturama next Friday, May 30th and his class has adopted Australia. They are doing a program and he has several speaking parts that you would love to here. He is trying to speak with an Australian accent but it comes out Jamaican.