Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ultimate Jerk Centre

Saturday was the team's free day and we took them to the falls in Ocho Rios and then snorkeling. Half way between MoBay and Ochi, is the Ultimate Jerk Centre. It has the best jerk pork and chicken that we have had on the island. Our bus driver said that it doesn't have the best jerk goat but I haven't tried the goat so I can't argue with him. But, the pork and the chicken are the best. We stopped Saturday and the team loved it as well.

Nathan fell asleep on the way.

He eventually fell over into my lap. And, there is no need to comment on that huge dimple in my leg. I know it's there and now you do too.

Outside view of the facility.

Nathan and the menu.

Todd ordering.

The portions come in quarter pound, half pound and one pound sizes. We ordered a pound of pork for the three of us. Unfortunately here in Jamaica they grab a piece of meat off the grill and give it a few hundred chops with a meat cleaver and so you may not always get just lean meat. This go 'round we had a lot of bone and fat. We made a pile of it and Todd took it back up to the counter and showed it to them and they gave us more lean meat. No apology of course because here it is expected that you will get bone, gristle and fat.

The grill in the back and a man frying festivals. Festivals are Jamaican fried breads.

"Set you on fire" jerk sauce made with scotch bonnet peppers.

This sauce was really good. Now it was hot as fire but it had a great flavor. Todd asked to buy a bottle but they didn't sell it.

Jerk chicken (chopped in miniature pieces) and festivals.

We haven't figured out why they feel the need to chop their meat into little pieces before serving it. There is a place here in MoBay called Jerky's that does the same thing. So, I have learned that when I take my ticket over to the grill to get my chicken, I always say, "Don't chop my chicken!" They have the hardest time with leaving a chicken leg and thigh intact.

After leaving the Jerk Centre we went to the falls. Todd and Nathan climbed it with the team. They of course loved it. Then we took them out on a boat and snorkeled. Todd said the reef wasn't near what it was in Negril. I know the boat wasn't. I kept praying that the glass bottom wouldn't give way in the wind and waves. Before we went snorkeling, there was a man selling cotton candy in the parking lot. You know how my redhead loves cotton candy.

Cotton candy Jamaican style.

The back of the Jerk Centre has an open grassy field that leads down to the sea. Nathan convinced some of the team members to race him. He loves to run. When I ask him what He wants to be when he grows up he always says he wants to be a racer. Here is one of his races:

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Nathan's Uncle said...

I will vouch for the jerk chicken and pork. I remember the snack we got on the way back to MoBay from Ochi last November. Of course on every Nathan's Ma post I mainly look for pictures of my nephew. More redhead pix, please! Oh wait, I get to see him in person this Thursday. YAY!

Uncle Howie