Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Quiz At MBCA

My baby among all those big kids.

Montego Bay Christian Academy divides the school into four houses (teams). They are Destiny, Purpose, Excel, and Diligence. Nathan is in the Destiny house. During the year they have competitions between the houses. Last week they held the spelling bee and this week was quiz. Next month is sports day, which Nathan is really looking forward to. In quiz today, each house had one representative from each grade. So, each house had six reps and Nathan was the grade one rep for Destiny.

Quiz consisted of three rounds. The first round was a team effort and each house was asked their own question. The house that answered the most questions in the alotted time won. The second round was a competition in that each grade rep from each team competed against each other. So, the two first graders competed, then the two second graders competed, etc. The third round was again a team effort but both teams were asked the same question and the first team to hit the buzzer first and answered the question correctly won the point.

Destiny teammates.

Nathan did well. In the first competition he was up against Ashari and he helped his team by answering more questions than she did. But, in the second round, Tisanna answered more questions than Nathan did. At the end of the competition, Destiny house finished second overall.

Nathan and Ashari:

His last answer was tomato and they gave him credit for it. Tune in tomorrow (if I continue to have an internet connection) for a post on Nathan's first football practice match.


April said...

he didnt win because he CANT understand them! HELLOOO!!

Nathan's Uncle said...

Those questions are kind of like the questions we would make up on the spur of the moment for the not real smart or unchurched kids who came to Children's Church or Sunday School.

"Who died on the cross?"

Nathansma said...

The questions were 1st grade questions Uncle Howie, not 6th.