Thursday, March 6, 2008

First Football Practice Match

Nathan had his first practice football match this week. We have waited all year for this match. It was worth the wait. MBCA has two teams, the junior boys which Nathan is on, and the senior boys. We played DMP Academy and unfortunately lost 3-1. Our coach said that it was a whole lot better than last year when they got beat 9-0.

We met the team up at MBCA in order to follow the bus because we had no clue where DMP Academy was. And, it's much easier to follow than to try and get directions since there are no street signs, whatsoever. The boys were suited up when we got there and Todd walked over to the bus where the team was and Nathan looked up at him and said, "Daddy, I'm so excited." Yes, DeeDee, we let him ride the bus, but as you can tell from the picture we were right behind them.

Can you make out the white thumb and red hair?

Darren and Nathan warm up.

A break in the game.

A much needed break.

Resting at halftime.

The first half was only thirty minutes because they all kept running out of energy and walking. Nathan kept coming over to the sidelines for a drink of Gatorade. Of course he did that during the second half too. The second half was forty minutes. Most of the game consisted of all the players crowding together and when they would kick the ball, it would bounce off of the other players like in a pinball machine. The other team scored three honest goals (well, I think one of our players actually scored one for them, but it wasn't Nathan) and we scored our goal off of a penalty kick.

Brain freeze.

Celebrating our one and only goal.

When we made our goal, you would have thought we were at a gymnastics meet. They were so excited they did cartwheels and flips all over the field. They also realized how much running it takes to play football. Nathan said at practice yesterday, Coach made them run about 30 laps.

Experience some of the game:

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Nathan's Uncle said...

I don't love football, but I love my nephew. Way to go, Bubby!

Uncle Howie