Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Sunday Afternoon at Grammy and Pappy's

Heather, Nathan and Jacob.

Easter Sunday afternoon, Nathan and I, went over to Grammy and Pappy's for our annual Easter egg hunt with his cousins, Heather and Jacob. Uncle Tripp was there and he took the three kids to ride the bike trails at Alafia state park before they hunted eggs.

Loading the bikes.

While they were gone Grammy and I hid the eggs. This year to enhance the fairness of the hunt, Heather divided the eggs into three equal piles. Each child had their own pile and Heather put each child's initials on each egg in their pile. So, during the hunt each child could only pick up an egg if it had their initials on it. It worked out good and cut down on all the whining because each one found the same number of eggs.

Posing before the egg hunt began.

Grammy finishing the hunt instructions.

Nathan and Jacob hunting eggs.

Uncle T.R. and Pappy watching Nathan miss an obvious egg.

As the kids were finishing up with finding the eggs, Uncle Tripp picked up a horse pellet and threw it at Heather and said, "Here's one you missed!" She promptly picked up another one and he took off running and she chased him around the yard and in no time she caught up to him and nailed him right back.

Heather chasing Uncle Tripp!

Lisa bought the stuff for me to make eggplant casserole so it baked while we did the egg hunt. Then we had leftovers for supper. We had ham, broccoli and cauliflower casserole, rice cooked in ham juice, peas, eggplant casserole and Grammy's famous carrot cake! We also had shrimp that Pappy cooked especially for Nathan and me. Thank you Grammy and Pappy for a great visit!

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