Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The junk.

We had quite an unconventional service Sunday morning. We host missions teams from the states. Many come as construction teams and some come strictly for ministry. This team that is here now call themselves fx ministries. They are students from Southeastern University and they are a percussion group that makes "music" by playing junk. They use drum sticks, broomsticks, paint cans, hubcaps and anything that they can scrounge up. Now, I must admit, when I first heard this, I was a bit skeptical. Okay, I was very skeptical. And, after listening to their selections, it's not what I would call music. But, with an open mind, I have to admit that it's not the sound they make but the beat. They were very organized and together. Nathan loved it. On one piece they used broomsticks and did a pretend battle with the beat coming from their stomping and the sticks hitting together. I asked Nathan what he thought of it and he liked it. He said that he wanted to use the broomsticks to play Power Rangers. That didn't surprise me.

Nathan was part of the planning session.

Between selections, different members of the group would speak and give just a short testimony. Todd did a good job with the analogy that God can help us with the junk we carry around at the end. After church all the kids got to try their hand at beating the junk with the sticks. Was I evermore glad when it was time to pack up. :)

Here is a sample of their "music" for you:


Nathan's Uncle said...

Um, that's different . . . at least there was a picture of Bubby.

DeeDah said...

We had another fx group at church a few years ago (Pastor's son, Chris, was the group leader). Interesting, to say the least!

April said...

HA! sounds better than some praise & worship music I've heard