Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Visit to Cornwall Communications

Last week Todd went to our cable company to exchange our cable box remote. I think Nathan had probably dropped it a few times on these tile floors and it just quit working. For about a week we could hit it on something and jar it back to working but, that eventually quit working, too. When he got home with the new one all the buttons worked except the channel up button. It didn't surprise us at all. I knew that I had a month to take it back because when I called my friend, Mrs. Green, inquiring about a new one she told me that we would have to buy one because the remotes only have a month warranty on them. Now, if you haven't read about my very special relationship with Mrs. Green at the cable company, you might want to catch up here.

After visiting the Book Ship again, I went by Cornwall with the receipt where Todd had purchased the replacement. The lady that helped me was very kind. I showed her my receipt and she took the remote in the back and after being gone for fifteen minutes, brought me out another one.

"Here you are Mrs. Hood," she told me to my surprise. I was shocked that she knew my name because I have only been in there a few times back when we first arrived here.

"Oh, are you Mrs. Green?" I asked.

"Noooo, Mrs. Green not here today," she answered in her strong Jamaican accent.

"Okay, I was wanting to meet her. I talk to here on the phone a lot. Although, I haven't had to call her this week. The cable has been working good."

"Yes, yes," she said, "Mrs. Green talks a lot about you."

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