Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Found Friends From Georgia.

Most of the commenters on my blog are family members. But, occasionally a non-family member will venture out and leave a comment. I love all comments. It lets me know that you are out there. A few months ago a couple from Georgia stumbled across my blog and left a comment that they too, did work in Jamaica. Through several emails they told us that they were very excited about coming with a missions team the last part of September. We agreed to meet and have dinner and get acquainted. I give you, Doug and Stephanie Jenkins from Carrollton, Georgia.

Doug called us Sunday night to confirm our dinner date for Monday. We picked them up at five o'clock at their hotel and were instant friends. We took them on a short tour of the area and showed them where we live. They are extremely excited because they are awaiting a new addition to their family in February. They are hoping for a red head. Needless to say, we love red heads around here.

Nathan did a great job taking this picture of the four of us. I had my doubts, but he assured me he could handle it. And, he did. He even took one with Doug and Stephanie's camera.

We had dinner at The Native. At the Native, dining is outside on a lovely terrace overlooking the famous Hip Strip and the sea. It was a little warm and the mosquitoes were out but Todd had the bug deterer in the car and put it between Stephanie and me. It was so nice to talk to people that sound like we do (with their Southern accents) and share stories of being in Jamaica. Doug actually lived here about ten years ago, before they got married. And they have been to Jamaica countless times since.

In the foyer of the restaurant, they had a lot of typical souvenirs for sale along with a cabinet full of wooden bangle bracelets.

They came in all sizes and colors. I didn't ask how much they were.

After dinner we returned Doug and Stephanie to their hotel. Doug played Santa Claus and handed out American goodies for the three of us. Thanks, Doug and Stephanie for a wonderful evening and for the peanut M&M's and Hershey kisses. Nathan loved the airheads, as he tore into one of the boxes before we were able to get turned around in the hotel parking lot.


Nathan's Uncle said...

Did you tell them your brother is from Georgia?

Nathansma said...

No, but I told them my brother WISHES he was from Georgia and that we love going to his cabin in the "high mountains" (Blairsville).

DeeDah said...

I whacked my hair off - it doesn't look like yours anymore. My burden has been lifted! GLad you made new friends!