Monday, October 6, 2008

The Pork Pit

We've been here fourteen months now and have driven past The Pork Pit too many times and have read about it countless times in the local tourist magazines. But, we just haven't mustered up the nerve to try it. It just doesn't have the "curb appeal" you want a restaurant to have. However, last week a missions team was here from Oregon and they invited us to join them at none other than The Pork Pit. Twice. It was a pleasant surprise.

We started the experience by ordering inside. The first time we went, everybody got a drink, a side order of peas and rice and a festival (fried bread). Once, you get your basket with your side orders, you take it and your receipt to the grill and you get the meat you paid for.

Nathan loved spinning, not sitting, at the counter on the high swivel stools. And it was really great to get his own bottle of Coke.
Here is a view of the grill pit. One grill has chicken and the other has pork. Can you spot the cute little redhead peaking over the half wall awaiting his chicken?

The second time we met the team we were a little late. I was glad because we wanted french fries this time instead of peas and rice. The pork had good flavor, but as always it has to be "picked through" for the bones, fat and bristles. We also tried the jerk sausage and their bar-b-que ribs. The ribs were very tender and the meat fell off the bones. Nathan's chicken had been left on the grill a little too long and was dry.
Another view of the pit. The grill on the left is the chicken and is cooked on a grate and the grill on the right is the pork and is cooked on some sort of "poles" laid across the bars with the coals underneath.

In the foreground of this picture, notice the boards and the sheet of tin. Here the tin is called zinc.
These last two pictures aren't clear but I was trying to show what they do with the boards. They are laid on top of the pork. I don't know why.
And the sheet of zinc is placed over the chicken. I assume it is to help keep the chicken moist. If that is indeed the reason, it didn't work.

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April said...

do they have health department visits there? I'm calling channed 8 dinning disaters! HA!