Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thomas The Tank Engine.

We have been through many periods of obsessions in our family. We call them stages and usually we make fun of each other because at the beginning of the stage, the world revolves around it but after a period of time it dies out. That's why it's called a stage. Nathan has had several stages. The longest one was Thomas. The boy lived and breathed Thomas. Everything he did or everything we did for him revolved around Thomas.
When we traveled, either by plane, boat or car, Thomas and his friends went with us.
We had the deluxe table and all the track he could possibly squeeze on to it. He would get it fixed one way and then change the tracks around to go another way. Thanks to family members he had every accessory, engine and car they made. Some of them he had duplicates of in different colors or anniversary editions. Thomas is so wholesome, what's not to like about him and his friends.
We had almost all of the videos. What kids like about those videos, I can't figure out. There is nothing animated about Thomas videos. But, Nathan loved them. And would watch them for hours. He would watch the same ones over and over.

We went on vacation to Bryson City, North Carolina and went to the train museum. Nathan loved it. We had a really hard time trying to get him to leave. I think we bribed him with another Percy.

On his fourth birthday we were camping and every present he received was of Thomas. He had Thomas coloring books, sheets, lamps, lunch box, stickers, t-shirts, placemats. If they made it he had to have it. And of course the birthday cake had Thomas on it.
On one of our vacations we went up to see my brother in North Georgia. He told us that Thomas was coming to Bryson City, North Carolina and did we want to take Nathan to see him. Of course, we did.
We drove over to Bryson City and it was like a Thomas amusement park. There were tents set up for the kids to play with the trains. There were more kids fighting over more engines and then the temper tantrums these kids threw (not mine of course) when their parents told them it was time to leave were unbelievable.

Nathan even got a tattoo that he was oh so proud of. The one thing he wouldn't do was get his picture made with Sir Topham Hatt. (Nathan use to call him Mr. Top Hat.) He hated clowns and anybody dressed in a costume.
So, a picture with him was out of the question.

Then the moment that we all anticipated. My son got to see his hero in real life.
To my great surprise, when he arrived, I cried. I normally am not real tender hearted. But, when I saw that Thomas engine and realized how excited my son was to see him. I cried. It really was a moment for me and my son and a crazy train engine. My brother and my friend Sherry were with us and they cried too, but they cry at everything.
As parents we love to do things for our kids. This special day was one of those days that as a parent, I was so glad to be able to give to my son.
But, like most stages in life, one day he waved goodbye to Thomas and just like that the stage was over.


Anonymous said...

I do not cry at everything! Well...okay I do! I remeber this day so well. I wish we were there right now. I love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

Remember where we ate that day? It was so yummy! Let's go!

Jessica said...

My son Anderson, who just turned 2, LOVES Thomas. He had one pair of pajamas that we could not get him to take off one day -- until I said we would go to the store for more Thomas . . . we now have 3 pairs of pajamas, one t-shirt and another long-sleeved shirt!

Nathan's Uncle said...

I, too remember the Thomas stage oh so well. I wish I had back all the money I spent on Thomas paraphernalia. That was a special fourth birthday because we were at Uncle Howie's cabin. I had finished reading him The Boxcar Children (yes, another train) the night before. It was his first chapter book.

I also remember the trip to Dillsboro, NC, to see the "real" Thomas. And yes, we bawled like babies. (And Sherry, yes you do cry at everything! Don't make me bring up the Dottie Rambo memorial DVD.) The place we ate in Sylva was Ryan's, and we ate tons of fried white bacon and bacon rinds!

Just beautiful memories. Now Bubby is in the Kung Fu/video game stage. I'm ready for him to get in the reading stage.

Why does my baby have to grow up? And why did you shave his head in those pictures? And when will he be able to carry a tune?

Uncle Howie

Truck Engine Parts said...

I just have to say that them kodak moments I've been looking at brings back happy memories!
I sit back with excitement and tears looking at this priceless art! It's funny how a simple picture when seen can tell a whollllleeee story! haha well hey guys thanks so much for sharing, sometimes people need an enlightment of visual beauty to uplift the soul, and this sure did do the job!

Anonymous said...
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