Monday, October 20, 2008

No Cool Weather Here!

Everyone I have talked to and every blog I have read has commented on the cool weather that they have been having. So, I searched my archives of pictures and found some that brought back cool memories. And, let me state for the record that there is no cool weather here. None. Nada. These pictures were taken at Amicalola Falls State Park in North Georgia. My brother has a cabin in Blairsville, Georgia and we went up with him for a visit. He took us over to the park for the day.Along the trail we stopped to look at the flowing water and climb on the rocks. And like all good parents, we like to document our children, but my child has never liked his picture taken.
And so, although you may think he is scared because he is about to fall off and crack his head open, that would not be the case. He is mad because we wanted to take his picture. If memory serves me correctly he proceeded to pitch one of his finest fits. Which resulted in him getting in trouble.
Strolling along enjoying the cool weather and the beautiful sights that Amicalola Falls State Park offers.
After we finished hiking, we headed to the lodge. At the entrance they had these huge stuffed black bears. Nathan wanted to crawl all over them. I think we let. At least he cooperated and let us take his picture. The Lodge also sports a beautiful view and a yummy buffet.
So, yes I am envious of the cool weather. The only coolness here is when I have my air conditioner on for hours. Which I don't enjoy as often as I would like because I can't afford the electricity. To see some more beautiful pictures of North Georgia go to my brother's blog here. He just returned home yesterday after spending a week there and may post soon about his beloved North Georgia.


Stunner said...

Welcome to Jamaica and I hope you enjoy your stay here! Those are some beautiful photos!

Stunner said...

Jamaica, is a beautiful and wonderful island. It has its fair share of problems, but it's still a nice place to be.

April said...


Anonymous said...

We had such a great time up at the cabin with my folks. I can't believe that Howie hasn't blogged about it yet. We had some real funny moments with mama! I longed to have you there! I miss you!

Nathan's Uncle said...

My I had my "HA!" to Aprils?