Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Air Conditioner Installation

Kenroy Drummond. He was my hero last week. He installed our air conditioners. Kenroy was a kind gentle man with a beautiful smile and everything he said he said with a grin. To my knowledge there is no such thing as central air here. We have no need of central heat so that is not an issue. Central air would be nice since that is what I am use to but I have found that I can survive without it. For the past few months we have had air in our bedrooms but we only run those at night. Up until last week we didn't have air in our living room and dining area. But now we do. Thanks to the sweet people at Pleasant Grove Assembly who sent us the money to purchase one. We will be forever grateful to them. Now, we can watch TV and be comfortable.

In our shopping adventures we found no store that sold window units. Here they only sell what they call split units. I don't know the names of the two separate parts but I do know that the quiet part is inside and the loud part is on the outside of the house (that is good for my nerves). But, you need the loud part in order to run the quiet part and so we are praying that no one steals the loud part. Todd had Kenroy put a lock on the outside part of the air in the guest room because it is close to the ground and could be gotten to easily.

We live on the third floor of our apartment building and it was amazing to watch Kenroy install these air conditioners. He had a very loooong flimsy aluminum extension ladder and showed no fear in climbing three floors up. When he was working on the one in the dining area Todd opened the window and tried to tie Kenroy's ladder off but Kenroy told him it wasn't necessary.
As Kenroy hoisted the heavy loud part onto his shoulder I realized he had to climb up that very long flimsy aluminum ladder and maneuver it onto the brackets he had installed on the side of the house. I stood on our walkway and snapped pictures.

While I was watching the long climb up the ladder I said, "Kenroy you are making me nervous!"

He said, "You are making ME nervous!"

"You mean taking your picture?" I asked.

"Yah, Mon!"

I quickly added, "Goodbye." And ducked into the house because I didn't want to make him nervous which in turn might cause him to drop the loud part of my air conditioner.

Kenroy grinned that beautiful smile as he positioned the loud part on the brackets just as he had done hundreds of times before. He never doubted, as I did, that he would make it safely to the top without dropping the loud part of my air conditioner.

"Tahnks Kenroy!" (That's not a mispelled word! That's how you say "thanks" in Jamaica!)


April said...

You could have done like I did during the hurricane- I just made me a Toga with my bed sheet & sat on the front porch for 2 WEEKS!! It was not lovely.

DeeDah said...

Praise Jesus, you're not sweating anymore. I commend you for handling the "environmental transitions" so well. You know me, I would be EVIL!

DeeDah said...

Ooohh, I didn't have to do the funky letter thing! Thank you, cause you know I'm blind.

Nathan's Uncle said...

Saint Carla has endured and overcome! I would never have attained my sainthood because Howie can't live without A/C.

Have you taken one of those long Paraguay siestas yet? Remember the one in 2001 when we woke up at 7:00 PM just in time to go to La Paraguayita?