Sunday, October 28, 2007

This Is What We Have Been Doing - Part I

Everyone that has called wants to know what we have been doing since Mama and Daddy arrived. Let me show you.

DeeDee has been hard at work making curtains. They brought a 1950 Singer Featherweight sewing machine with them. Everything is backwards on a Featherweight than from a regular sewing machine. After researching online we were able to get the needle in properly and get it threaded right. DeeDee thinks it sews better than any machine she has ever used.

And, of course you know you have to iron the curtains. DeeDee wouldn't dare just hang the curtains and let the wrinkles fall out from the extreme humidity and heat as I would have done.

Granddaddy has been hanging mini blinds in our bedroom. He has also taken down light fixtures for DeeDee to clean, along with helping her figure the lengths of her curtains.

Granddaddy has taken advantage of Bubby having to practice his reading. Everyone knows that Granddaddy loves to be read to and especially if he gets to hold his favorite grandson.

I will continue this tomorrow. I have more pictures to share but they will have to wait. It takes so long to upload pictures here and sometimes I have to upload them two and three times. Enough is enough for tonight.


Nathan's Uncle said...

I'm jealous of Granddaddy . . . and it's not the hanging blinds part. LOL! I want my nephew to read to me, too.

April said...

I love it! Those Hinson women!! On my BEST day I could NEVER keep up. Even now, that they are in their 60''s, 70's & 80's, I still cant keep up.
When mama comes to my house & we are putting up veggie's along with EVERYTHING else she is doing I am like "MAMA, I am DONE!!"
Maybe I should take my nine children, in the middle of the winter, one putting their bottle down, to pick strawberries!! NOOOTTT!! (I started off teasing but now Iam crying! LOL) What a RARE breed, honored & unworthy to have come from such "stock"!

DeeDah said...

I am cracking up! Only your mother could truly appreciate the value of a 1950 sewing machine. Debbie will be so proud! Of course, since I can't even sew on a button, I must say that I am a little envious. I would have let my curtains "iron" themselves out also. Stephanie made my iron my new ones for my bedroom and I pouted the whole time, but they did look great! I know Bubby is relishing their undivided attention - how precious!