Monday, October 29, 2007

This Is What We Have Been Doing - Part II

Friday we went to Coral Cliff to have lunch. They have a buffet that has Jamaican food. It's like any other buffet. Some things are good and some things you can do without. Coral Cliff is a gaming lounge for tourists. You can tell from the picture above.

Saturday morning DeeDee fried biscuits and we ate them with some yummy guava syrup that she made. Actually it was suppose to be guave jelly but it didn't set so we ate it as syrup and let me tell you it was delicious. Then that afternoon we went to the beach at Doctor's Cave bathing club.
We set DeeDee up with a chair and an umbrella. We kept her out of the sun as much as possible and she worried the whole time Nathan and Todd were out swimming. They came back safe and sound though. On the way to school this morning, Nathan told me that his favorite thing so far has been having his DeeDee at the beach and scaring her by swimming out so far and diving down deep.

Bubby and Granddaddy have "rustled" as best as they can on these hard tile floors. Here Bubby is trying to stick some tape on Granddaddy's hairy arms.

DeeDee has made 3 valances today for the curtains and I found some celery in the grocery store so Granddaddy cut it up for me so I can put it in the freezer to use in the dressing for Thanksgiving.

More later on what we have been doing...


Nathan's Uncle said...

Don't tell DeeDee, but she has pretty legs! She would probably worry if Todd and Nathan were in a wading pool.

April said...

Worry & food, Worry & food

Sherry said...

April...what is up with all of the food? On Howie's and Carla's You are making me hungry while I am trying to read :)

Looks like everyone had a great time.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful 'blog'! (I am a technologically challenged person)
OK, So, bottom line: Jamaica and the our Hood family are where they are supposed to be! (Howie - who told April anything about FOOD?)