Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Man That Lives In The Drain

Most of the time Todd and I both take Nathan to school. His school is located on top of Brandon Hill and has a most stunning view of mountains as well as the azure waters of Montego Bay. The climb up is mostly good road but has quite a few potholes that require one's undivided attention. In other words it is very hard to drive and take pictures at the same time. It so happened the other morning that I took Nathan to school by myself and on the way up I noticed a drain and it looked like someone had hung their laundry out to dry on the rock wall. It seemed odd to me. Let me show you what I saw.

The road up has a rock wall that divides the two lanes. I took Nathan on to school and brought my camera with me in the afternoon when I went to pick him up. I have to confess that I drove up and had to do a u-turn to get these pictures. On my first pass by, the realization that someone was laying down inside was jolting. It was awkward taking the pictures. I felt like I was invading his privacy. But, the need to share this with you won out.
If you look closely you can make out his leg and arm. You can also see his clothes drying in the sun that I'm sure had been soaked by the heavy rains we have had. You can also see the cardboard that he has placed over the top of the drain as a make-do shelter.

A few days later in the week on our way down the man was sitting outside.

I don't know who he is or if we will ever meet him and have a chance to help him. But, I do know that he is only one of probably thousands that live in conditions like these. A day doesn't go by that we aren't approached by someone wanting help, most always in the form of money. We wish we could help them all but we can't. After seeing these living conditions I am very thankful for my less than comfortable bed, for the roof over my head, and the running water and electricity that we have (which either, at any given moment can go out).

One day soon I will introduce you to Miss Water.


Nathan's Uncle said...

Great personal interest story!

April said...

HHMMM, guess I cant complain about the cleaning lady not coming this week!!!