Thursday, October 4, 2007

And...We're Back

Hello everyone. It's so nice to be back in contact. We have been able to upgrade our internet service here in Jamaica and at times it seems to run a "likkle" bit faster. That's patua for "little." I'll save the Jamaican phrases for another post.

We have accomplished a lot since my last entry. Fortunately for us here in MoBay, hurricane Dean did not cause much damage. The power was off for about 3 days, so when we arrived back we did have to throw away everything in the fridge. Our friends in the middle of the island suffered minor damage and friends in Kingston at the City of Refuge children's home suffered severe damage. Thankfully no one was injured. To my knowledge, none of them have had phone and internet service restored.

The most important thing we have done is get some furniture and other household items that make living a more beautiful thing. That day will be saved for another post. Nathan started school and Todd and I are doing the music at our humble church. Believe me it is better than singing to the beat on the microphone. Nathan has joined the football (soccer) team at his school but has only had one practice due to the afternoon rains...and the afternoon clouds...and the morning rains. Jamaicans do nothing if it even appears to be adverse conditions. They cancel practice because they think it might rain. At least that's what it seems like to us.

Well, let me go ahead and see if this will post and then I will attempt to do others with pictures. I have lots of pictures to show that will help me communicate much more effectively. Until then...


Nathan's Uncle said...

WOOO HOOO! And I'm the first to leave a comment on the new and improved Nathan's Ma! I LOVE the picture at the top of your blog. My sweet boy is the CUTEST!

Okay, your first order of the day is to make a blidget of your blog so I can put it in my blog.

So happy you're back on. Love you, my only sister!

April said...

HA! yeah Carla get right on that "blidget"! But now I am less bored, thank you. I miss you.

Jessica said...

Coach! You and your family sound like you have such a fulfilling life going on in Jamaica :) What an opportunity . . .

By the way, how did we both end up with red-haired sons? Awesome!

Hope to see more posts soon :)

Mary Ann said...

Great site, Carla! I'm looking forward to reading more. We're gearing up for a shoot next week and MISS YOU big time. Actually, we miss you for other reasons as well :)

Karen Gillman said...

Hey there,
Thanks for the update. We love and miss you all. Blessings to you this month during Pastor Appreciation. You are doing great work for the Kindgdom.

PG is planning a big Hallelujah Fest for Haloween night. We are working on creative costumes and games for the kids. We will send pictures in early November. Nathan will have fun seeing his friends in silly costumes.

Love you much,
Mark and Karen Gillman

DeeDah said...

I'm so excited you're back on! Just make sure my phone calls don't get sidelined - I still like to hear the sound of your voices! Nathan, your Emmy said to tell you "hi" and she misses you. She is also very proud of the beautiful cursive writing you did for Uncle Howie's card! Love to you all!