Friday, October 5, 2007

Packing and Unpacking

Part of the fun of traveling is packing. As stressful as the packing has been for our last two trips, I have taken the job as a challenge. I enjoy trying to see how much stuff I can cram into any little space I can find. It's amazing what you can fit into shoes for example and especially what you can fit inside of cowboy boots. Anyway, on our first trip here to Jamaica we had 15 suitcases and on our last trip here we had 12. The above picture shows some of the twelve before I got them unpacked. I like the unpacking better than the packing because it's like Christmas. Especially when you come across something you forgot you packed.

Our biggest challenge this past time was packing a grill to bring back. We came back just after hurricane Dean came through so we didn't know if we would have power when we arrived. Thank God we did but we were ready just in case. Todd found us a grill at Walmart (my all time favorite store) that had a side burner on it. Of course he couldn't find one in a box unassembled. All they had were assembled ones and the boxes had already been discarded. But that wasn't a problem because Todd and his dad took it apart and we packed the biggest pieces in a box we paid $6.99 for and I distributed the other pieces throughout the twelve suitcases.

Nathan actually took time out from playing his Nintendo to help his daddy put in a few screws and now we are able to enjoy grilled food. I was getting real tired of FRYING porkchops. I never got tired of eating them but they weren't worth the heatstroke I had to go through to get them.

Mama and Daddy are coming in exactly 16 days and we are starting to get excited about having our first visitors...not to mention helping them unpack. A few weeks ago it dawned on us all that they didn't have any suitcases to use when they come because we had them all with us. So, we had to figure a way to get some suitcases back home. It just so happened that we had a construction team here from Bonifay, Florida that said they would be more than happy to take them for us and UPS them to Mama and Daddy. Upon further review of the situation, the leader of the group said he would drive them to my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Layne's house in Tallahassee, Florida and they would take them to Mama and Daddy tomorrow to the Hinson family reunion. So, now Mama and Daddy will get the suitcases they need thanks to Pastor Jerry Moore from Bonifay and Aunt Sharon and Uncle Layne from Tallahassee.

Happy packing Mama!!!!!! Bubby and I can't wait to unpack them for you!!!!!!!


Nathan's Uncle said...

I hate packing and unpacking! Still waiting on that blidget . . . .

April said...

Still waiting on the Blidget Carla..........HELLO!!

Nathansma said...

I tried to do a blidget and followed all the directions and no blidget appeared. So now what?

Nathan's Uncle said...

Carla, why does your profile say your industry is accounting and you live in Afghanistan?

Nathansma said...

It says accounting because of all the choices that's the one I like the best, which you should know, but Afghanistan? me.

Hey 'bout that blidget?

Sherry said...

ok...what is a blidget?

Sherry said...

Never mind i googles it:
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I am getting so smart reading your blog :)