Sunday, October 21, 2007

One More Day!

Edited 10-27-07
My brother wanted me to add the picture of me pointing
to the calendar on the wall. He has a picture for every
memory and occasion. Thanks Howie!

Growing up in Paraguay, at times we felt a little isolated from our families back home in Florida. We so looked forward to the day we would get to go home even though our family members played tricks on us and would hide behind a pole when we came out of the jetway or some of them didn't even "know" us (April). So my brother, Howard, and I quickly learned how to mark days off on a calendar. We had a huge wall calendar that was probably 2'x3' and it showed all the months of the year at a glance. Mama and Daddy always tried to argue with us about the way we counted the days off. You see, we didn't count today (because it had already arrived) and we didn't count the awaited day either. So, according to them they always counted two extra days than we did.

This past month I have imparted the gift of "marking days off" on a calendar to Nathan. After all DeeDee and Granddaddy are coming. That is a day to anticipate! We found a calendar that was left here in our apartment and got busy. If you count like Mama and Daddy do there are two days left until they get here. But, the way we count there are no more days left because today is here and they arrive tomorrow.

You can tell from the above picture that Nathan had to show off his cursive writing a little. I guess I will compromise since I am grown-up and mature and say, "One more day!" All I know is, at DeeDee's house the garage has been mopped, the hedges have been trimmed, the house has been pressure washed, the lamps are on timers, the suitcases have been packed and re-packed, and I think the ceiling fans will be dusted today, and regardless of how anybody counts, DEE DEE AND GRANDDADDY WILL BE HERE TOMORROW, and we can hardly wait!!!!!

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April said...

All I saw was "One more day" and the calendar and started balling! I need help!