Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Reasons I Make My Bed

As a child I never had to do any household chores because we had a maid that did them all. We weren't rich, we just lived in Paraguay and all of the missionaries had a maid. Domestic labor was inexpensive and it allowed the missionary wives to be more active in the ministry. However, my mother being a Hinson, thought that it was necessary that I learn a little responsibility and despite the fact that we had a maid, I had to make my bed every morning and put my clothes away after the maid washed, dried, and folded them. My brother and I have often joked that we even had to make our beds on the mornings that the maid was going to change the sheets. Go figure! So, when I left home and got a place of my own, I decided that I didn't want to make my bed every morning. After all, what was the point?, I was just going to get back in it in a few hours. Even after I got married, Todd didn't really care whether I made the bed or not.

But, here in Jamaica I make my bed every morning. Now some of you probably make your beds every morning because it makes the room look clean or tidy or whatever! My reasons are very different than yours. I really could care less if the room looks tidy or not. Let me share with you my two reasons for making my bed everyday.

Reason #1 is the lizard (mini-iguana) and reason #2 is the centipede. All of our windows here have slat boards on each side of them as shown in the picture below.

They are suppose to seal tightly when they close but unfortunately they don't. Some of them have one inch gaps in them allowing any flying or crawling creature to come and go as they please. Needless to say we frequently have lizards and centipedes come in the house. One morning I went to get in the shower and as I was about to step in, I almost stepped on a lizard that was in the tub. Thankfully, Todd got out of bed and came to my rescue. Todd has been able to staple some screen on the outside of Nathan's windows. These Jamaican mosquitoes love that sweet white skin of his. So, his room is sealed fairly well.

It is my fear that one of these creatures will get in my bed if I don't make it. It would not be a pretty sight if I were to crawl in bed with one of them.

I would love to hear your reasons for making your bed. That is, if you are a bed maker.

And by the way, now that I am older and wiser, I am thankful mama taught me how to make my bed. But, I still hate any kind of housework!!!!!!!!!!!


April said...

I not sank so!!!

Sherry said...

Well, finally! Thank you bugs for the motivation! I have always been a maker of my bed every morning of my life ...for as long as I can remember. I have passed this along to Josh now. :) Thank you Todd for keeping my friend safe from the creepy crawly things:)

DeeDah said...

Remember how sorry I used to feel for you when Mom and I would go shopping every Saturday and you couldn't go with us because you had to do housework? It was such a bummer! But, now I've assumed that role with the girls. They even have to make their beds on Sundays - GASP! You do know that Em would have a blast catching all those creatures. She'd have her bug catcher net, scooper and creature castle ready all the time. I'd freak!

Nathan's Uncle said...

I miss Bubby's sweet white skin and red head . . . Waaah! But I can't address the bed making in a public forum. I'll have to tell you in person. LOL!